Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you or someone suffering from the basic symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome such as joint pain, mild fevers, painful lymph glands, or if you are suffering from sore throat forgetfulness, muscle weakness or sleep disturbances, then these alternative medication methods will be helpful to you.

Eat a healthy diet. – This may sound simple, but it’s harder than one may think especially when youChronic fatigue Syndrome 03 are so sick. It’s hard to muster the energy to plan and shop for the best foods for a good menu plan that includes healthy, organic vegetables and meat without inherent toxins. If you want to lessen the toxic overload in the body system, go as organic and balanced as possible in your menu selections. Avoid refined sugars and processed foods. Eat as natural and healthy as possible. Also, drink lots and lots of pure drinking water throughout the day. It is a simple, natural detoxification liquid that is essential.

Develop a daily exercise regimen. – When you’re so sick, it’s very hard to exercise, but adding a minimal exercise plan to your day is essential in helping your body return to better health. If you don’t exercise, your muscles will continue to weaken and cause even more problems. Choose any form of exercise that you can realistically manage such as walking. It will enhance blood flow throughout the body and also help reduce stress.

Chronic fatigue Syndrome 02Our modern diet does not provide the rich sources of nutrients that our bodies need, especially when we’re sick. It’s important to add the right herbs, minerals and vitamins to our diet that are specifically aimed at addressing CFS symptoms. These can include maitake, Siberian ginseng, and Gotu kola that can help provide the needed energy. The addition of B vitamin is also important in combating stress related fatigue and energy loss for CFS sufferers. Magnesium, NADH, and Co-Enzyme Q-10 are nutrients that also help increase cell production for energy. Since there are so many ingredients that could be included in a nutrient protocol for CFS, it may be best to find an all-in-one supplement that addresses the most needed elements for CFS.

Some sufferers have found major relief from their symptoms by simply following these guidelines for restorative health through alternative health care. There are many online web sources that can assist you in further information regarding proper supplemental treatment and menu planning for anyone who wants to know the treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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